Front cards all deleted

When opening my anki after it had synced- I found that all my front question cards had deleted and I have been left with only the answers and back facing cards. It now also won’t let me add in a front facing card it’s like the whole thing just deleted.
Is there any way to restore flashcards to previous format after they’ve synced? Or at the very least is there a way to add back the front facing cards.

If you want to roll-back a change after a sync – Restore from an automatic or manual backup, Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions . That will be a better solution for you than trying to unravel exactly what changed in your note type/templates.

If you just want to grab one thing from a backup (like the text of a template), you can minimize data loss by importing the backup into a brand new (temporary) profile, find what you’re looking for, copy/export it, and then delete that profile. But from your description, your original cards are gone, and you have compeletely different cards now. If that’s correct, then you will just have to accept the most recent backup, even if you lose a bit of data.

After you restore – force a one-way sync to make sure this repaired version gets to all of your devices.

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Omg you are a lifesaver!!! THANK YOU SM

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