Hyperlinks as a default option?

I may be remembering incorrectly (it could’ve been an add-on I was using) but previous versions had an easy way to add a hyperlink? There seems to be no option for this in the new desktop version. On a side note, Markdown would be very much welcomed as default too!

It might be better to create hyperlinks once in the template, rather than doing it repeatedly in the fields themselves, which is kind of error-prone and verbose.

You mean using a hyperlink field and adding the field tag in the template? My use case isn’t really like the dictionary links (in the Anki docs) as every link is going to be different. I don’t see that as being verbose if it’s added to a regular field, but perhaps you could explain further.

Well you could still have a Link_text field and a Link_URL field, and your template could say:
<a href="https://{{Link_URL}}">{{Link_text}}</a>

And then you don’t have to worry about HTML tags in your fields.

But if you do need HTML tags in your fields other than the basic boldface and italics, etc., then yeah, I guess the only way I see in the current version is to click on the < > icon at the top right of the field and enter HTML manually.

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You would have been using an add-on in the past.

@dae My mistake then. @sprvlcn thanks for the tip … something to think about for the future. I don’t particularly mind having links in regular fields as I generally convert code blocks etc from Markdown first anyway.

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