How do I render HTML-hyperlinks in the field of a card?

Many of my cards include links back to my notes in Roam Research.

For a long time, I’ve been just using the url of the relevant page, which anki automatically turn into a hyperlink. But I’ve just started using the deskstop app. Now, I’m including the desktop app link on my cards, but that doesn’t automatically turn into a hyperlink.

r/Anki - How do I render HTML (and render hyper links in particular) in the field of a card

I’m trying to figure out how to make a desktop app hyperlink.

When I put the standard HTML for a hyperlink in the text field, that just prints the HTML, rather than the link that the HTML is supposed to render.

r/Anki - How do I render HTML (and render hyper links in particular) in the field of a card

I’ve read that hitting ctrl+shift+x opens the “HTML editor”. I’ve tried that key combo when viewing a card and also when editing a card. This didn’t do anything, as near as I was able to do ell.

I know that desktop-app links like this one can work. They work on a normal webpage. What’s more these links work just fine when I put them in the template of a card, as opposed to in one of the fields of a card.

How do I embed a hyperlink in the text of card?

And in particular, is there a way to do it with just the text of a card. I import my cards in bulk, in a text-only format. Many of my cards are more-or-less procedurally generated. So it doesn’t work for me if the only way to insert a link involves manually doing something in the anki interface.

When editing a field of a card, you can see a < > icon at the top right of the field.

Clicking on this icon opens a second text input box just below the usual one. You can use that to enter HTML.

The shortcut key is indeed Ctrl+Shift+x. It works for me. But you need to have the text field active: in other words, you need to click inside the field (the text edit cursor will appear) for this hotkey shortcut to work.

Alternatively, if that still doesn’t work, you might be using a different keyboard layout other than standard English QWERTY?

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