[Anki 2.1.29 and below] 2 small bugs

  1. Inserting a hyperlink breaks formatting.

Example: Bla bla bla becomes Bla bla bla

  1. If you enter nid:123,,456 in the browser, Anki gives you a rather confusing database error:


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How are you inserting the hyperlink?

Will look into the other issue, thanks.

That was the right question - I just realized it is done by a plugin (Add Hyperlink by ijgnd). I forgot that.

The new Anki-version appears to be quite a bit more responsive than older versions by the way. Good work as always!

Paging @ijgnd

Additional info: This behaviour didn’t appear in Anki 2.0, probably something to do with the toolkit.

@basiskarten: I have logged this as a low priority issue here.

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