Huge circle occured in my card

I have a simple templete which use outside translater. It can be used normally. but when I edit card, move audio file from one field to other field, then review this card, there occured a huge circle. are there some bugs in my anki?


My templete as follow:


<hr id=answer>

<a style="text-decoration:none;"  href="{{text:English1}}"><font color="black">{{English1}}</font></a>

Anki replaces the [sound] syntax with HTML tags that contain quotes (") themselves. That means your href attribute is closed too early, leaving invalid HTML that you can see underneath the circle.

You could work around that by using single quotes (') for the href, but you’d still have HTML audio tags in your translator URL, which would at the very least need to be escaped for the link to work, but I don’t know how your translator site would deal with that.

TL;DR: Don’t use audio tags in a field if its content is meant to be used in a URL, as it will break things. Either split it up into two fields or programmatically remove the HTML before using it as a URL.


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