Hi friends!

I started using Anki to learn Chinese about 5 years ago and think it’s just about the best thing since sliced bread. It’s the reason I was able to spend most of last year living abroad in China!

I know that I and many other members of the Anki community have poured over our screens for hours creating comprehensive, quality decks (I have typed in so many Chinese characters out of my textbooks).

I’ve spent the last couple of months working on a project to allow creators to get something back for all their sweat and tears, and allowing users to save time finding high quality content.

AnkiDecks is a marketplace for Anki decks. On the creator’s side, we allow you to list a deck and get paid for every download through one of the largest online payments handlers in the world, Stripe. On the consumer’s side, we verify every uploaded deck by hand, ensuring a curated, quality experience.

I also hope that by allowing creators to get paid for their work we’ll see more, higher quality decks, bringing more people to the Anki community, who will in turn produce more content for community!

The site is a bit bare at the moment as I’ve just finished up the first version and am looking for deck creators. If you have a deck you’d like to sell (or list for free!) please go to or reach out to . Just mention this post in your email (or in your response to the email you’ll get from the website) and I’ll knock 50% off the fees for the first 6 months (down to 15% + 15¢ per sale).

Also feel free to reply here or reach out by email with any thoughts, questions, or concerns!