Multi-Decker: Create multiple decks with ease

First add-on I’ve ever created.

Ever wanted to create batch empty decks but did not want to spend time creating individual decks? Well, this is an add-on to create multiple empty decks in Anki.


Known issue: If decks fail to show up after creating, you may need to click on the “Decks” as shown in the video below.

Please share any issues here: GitHub - cafelinked/multi-decker: An add-on to create multiple empty decks in Anki

CHANGELOG: 2023-06-11: Initial Release (Anki 2.1.64+ Qt6)

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This is really cool! I’ve wanted to get into add-on programming myself. If you’re interested, I’d love to be a contributor to your project to assist with future development.

There is already an addon available that provides better functionality
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