HTML image tag not working after update anki

When I typed in the HTML editor to show the picture. Ankiweb and Ankidroid can show the picture of the link, but Windows’ Anki can’t show it.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem after updating to the 2.1.5+ version of Windows’ Anki? Please suggest to me what to do.

Windows 10

Ankidroid’s version : 2.15.6

Windows’ anki version : 2.1.54 (b6a7760c)

Can you post the HTML you’re typing to show the picture?

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my HTML:<img src="upload://mXoRYkxoISwuUCMRg6jkC3cAzKy.jpeg">

I suggest pasting the raw HTML using the Preformatted text option in this forum editor. Pasting HTML without doing this will make the editor render the HTML (after potentially transforming or stripping it)

Remote image links are a bad idea, as they may break at any time. You could try localizing them: Localize Media - AnkiWeb

I tried localizing them before, it showed the images.
I still want to show them with the link, because I have lots of pictures in Anki cards. When I sync between Anki and Ankidroid it would take a lot of time if I use local image.

I pasted the raw HTML using the Preformatted text option, but it still can’t render my HTML in Anki.

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