Bug report: HTML IMG cannot display on desktop anki

<img src="https://api2.mubu.com/v3/document_image/1fc4f87a-8d93-40c4-9ea2-e7d54165c1cb-12558.jpg">

Recently, images in this type of HTML format have been unable to display on the desktop version of Anki, yet they are visible on the iOS mobile version. I’ve tried several of the latest versions for desktop without success and also switched between different graphics drivers in the settings.

The same images with identical formats used to work fine before, and their links are still accessible without any restrictions; moreover, my computer’s internet connection is functioning normally.

Some students have encountered this issue, and I am seeking help on their behalf. Thank you.

The image host is probably blocking particular user agents. Unless the server is under your control, using remote image links is never a good idea, as they are prone to breaking.

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