How you implement "priority" in anki indeep?

last chat suggest we could use different decks, and sometimes bury unimportant cards.

for me, from the top,
i got decks label-ed:
lv1 which are local school exam TOPICS
lv1a is the exact Q asked by teacher
lv1b is some info that should known
lv1c is something that in group study we prepare BUT may not useful

lv2 is about exam topics OVERSEAs.

as a med student i deal /w medicine, surgery, obgyn and pedi.

so i got 6x4 or more folders on hand.

i tend to put cards of a disease in a folder,
that makes it 1 disease may appear in lv1a, lv1b, lv1c.

which is troublesome to handle.

ps i also tagged the cards by subjects intmed, sur, obgyn, pedi

any suggestion?

the good thing for this organization is that,
i could single click lv1a-intmed or lv1a or lv1 to study the most most important things first.

however, spread a single disease into 3 folders (abc) or more (2x3) is hard to handle.


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