How to select certain cards to come up first while doing new cards/day

Hi I’m a medical student preparing for my step 2 exam. I’ve been doing Amboss and preparing cards for my wrong Qs with screenshots in the missed questions section of the card and tagging under #missedQ. I have also been taking screenshots from Amboss and pasting them onto cards that have information tested on the Qbank even if I have got them right. I’m doing the whole step 2 deck along with these cards that I’ve made or pasted screenshots on.

How do I preferentially make these cards come up as new cards first and then the other random step 2 deck cards?

As in for example, if I have made 250 cards and I’m doing 100 cards a day. I want 2 days of my anki to be just those cards so that I finish that off first before moving to the random cards in the deck, the 3rd day can be 50 cards I made first and then 50 random unsupended cards from the deck. Basically what I want is even if I miss the random deck cards, I do not want to miss the cards that I’ve prepared since they’re high yielded and tailored for me.

Is it possible to give a tag a preference to be the most important part of new cards/day or even better such that any card which has any info on its Missed questions section to be given preference to be shown first while doing new cards/day. Please please help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Doing extra review
If you get through all of your new cards with time to spare and your exam is in a couple of days, you may wish to run quickly through all of your cards or some subset of them to brush up on the ones that you’ve forgotten since your last review. You can use Anki’s custom study feature to study extra cards; please see the linked section of the manual for instructions and available options.
Settings for using Anki to prepare for a large exam - Frequently Asked Questions

Only with filtered decks

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Just adding –
You can nest that filtered deck under your main deck, and use Anki’s natural prioritization to make sure you get your first 100 cards from that deck. Like –

  • Parent Deck
    • _Filtered deck
    • Regular subdeck 1
    • Regular subdeck 2

If all of these decks are set for 100 new/day, then when you click on the Parent deck to study, Anki will first try to get 100 from your filtered deck.

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