How to use this priority addon for v3? thx


I am now on v3.

I used this addon for v2, although I cant sure its working.

I now wanna try for v3.

its page talked how it work for v3.
mentioned scripting, but didnot specially say how to use, is scripting a must?

or a simple install is ok?


ps gtp4 say just install and see as usual is ok.

btw, I mostly edit cards in win10, do review on Android. will this work?

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You use GPT4 for anything but fun, and you say you are not ready to go FSRS?

fsrs not YET for me thx. I still see ppl claim error in its scheduling? thx

I think it’s usually due to a user error or misunderstanding, but I won’t argue.

GPT4 may have never been trained on a mention of that add-on, and could just have generated one of the possible answers to similar questions because words are often arranged that way.

I pasted that page to it.

50% of time gpt4 worked

It seems to say that you should put

if (!card_multiplier) {
  var card_multiplier = 1;

and then the other two examples into the “Custom scheduling” field.

It seems that the first example is for the Good button, and the second example is for the Easy button (the description incorrectly says “Good”). Then you can also make a version of that code for the Hard button.

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Generally, add-ons designed for a specific version should work seamlessly, but it’s always a good idea to check for any specific instructions provided by the add-on creator.

Regarding the Card Priority Scheduler V3 add-on you mentioned, it seems like the GitHub page you referred to contains the necessary information. The mention of scripting might imply that there are additional features or customizations you can access through scripting, but it’s not explicitly required for basic functionality.

To install the add-on on Anki v3, follow these general steps:

  1. Download the add-on from the GitHub repository.
  2. Open Anki on your desktop.
  3. Go to “Tools” in the top menu and select “Add-ons.”
  4. Click on “Get Add-ons” and paste the add-on code or file path.
  5. Restart Anki to apply the changes.
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@stevediaz, was that written by GPT4?

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actually we could all call them LLM? gpt4 plus/team, gemini advanced/ultra, claude3 sonnet/oops.

btw, pls don’t underrate these LLMs.

for an addon that handle URL,
it break after I was forced to upgrade to 23.12.

however, GPT4 helped me to edit the registry to get it work back.

if you know everything, GPT4 is not for you.
if you know something, you’ll find GPT4 work in 50% of the time.
if you know nothing, GPT4 could help you.

GPT has tried to help me write some code and correct its mistakes. I could have learned something from it, even though I didn’t get what I wanted.

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