Could someone try this "priority" addon to see if it's functioning? thx


for this addon,
i tried to made 5 cards labelled with “cur-card” and made a custom study for these 5 cards.
among these cards i assigned differnt levels of priority (lv1aaa > lv1aa > lv1a > lv1b > lv1c) as in the program.
and i tried several study cycles and always click a “3” i.e. good.

but the results is NOT always in that priority order.

is it custom study (i used random while pulling cards) affects it or somehow the plugin is not functioning?

priority is the final blockage in my path, i think.


i made a portable anki to play on windows.
in that this plugin completely have no effect on the interval.

push, the addon is updated recently by the author.
i tried, seems ok.

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