How to unflag a card?

Using ankidroid, I put red flags on a few cards, so I can fix them.

I do all my fixing in anki desktop

I do not see how, in desktop, to UNflag the cards.

Please advise!

Ctrl 1
Ctrl 2

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Adding the same flag will remove the flag.

in browse mode you can also right click on the row for the card or note (left click if left-handed mouse) and select “flag” to add, change or remove a flag

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Ctrl-1, etc works.

How in the heck would I have discovered that?

Please help me see what I missed.

NVM, Now I see the Flag submenu…

the Anki manual is a very useful resource, with search function, which could be your first port of call for such queries :slight_smile: Searching “unflag” takes you here