How to flag part of cloze cards? (e.g. flag c3, not the rest)

Does anyone know how to flag part of a cloze card? So for instance, I might have a card with 5 clozes, and I only want to place a red flag on c3 out of c1-c5.

Thank you Anki lovers!

Go to Browse, find the Cloze3, right click it, and flag it with red. If you’re in the middle of reviewing it, you can hit the options and flag it there too.

Thank you for replying owen13!

I’m using the Anki Windows app on my computer. When I see the card in the browser, I cannot click on the cards individually (like on AnkiDroid). Is there a step I’m missing so that I can click on the cards individually in the browser?

To switch between notes view and cards view, click on the note/card toggle as described in the documentation.

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Thank you so much Hildeguard! I didn’t realize I was missing that toggle switch! I greatly appreciate your response!

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You’re welcome :grinning:

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