How to transfer review data

①My question。

Hello😋. I used the image occlusion template for 4 months.
When I use the image occlusion template to view the text data of pdf, I feel very tired if I want to modify it.
I want to convert the image into a text version and transfer the review record to a new card.

②Let me give an example to express my needs.

The first cloze card: 0+0={{c1::0}}, studied for 2 months.
The second cloze card: 0+1={{c1::1}}, studied for 2 months.
The third cloze card: 0+0={{c1::0}}, 0+1={{c2::1}}. Never studied.
How can I transfer the review data of the first card and the second card to the third card?

③I tried to solve it but failed.

I export review materials and text data in anki software on windows computer, and open them in office, but I can’t understand the contents displayed in office.
This one has a lot of weird characters.

Thank anyone in advance who can provide any help, big or small. :blush:

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Anki doesn’t have any built-in feature to do this.


① Would an add-on for OCR be helpful?

② If you change the template for card 1 to card 3 then delete card 2 and card 3, can’t you do that?

③ If the language of the cards is not English, is UTF-8 not relevant?

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Instead of transferring review data (e.g. review log and current stats) from one card to another, it’s easier to transfer the contents of the fields instead, and this can be done with vanilla Anki.


I have used the same picture to make cards many times. It may be difficult to merge multiple cards made from the same picture by changing them into text format. Let’s replace OCR on the spot. Thank you. Have a nice day. :heart_eyes:

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Hello, what is “vanilla Anki”? Is it the computer version of anki?(I didn’t find it in the edge browser.):face_holding_back_tears:
Besides, I think the method you suggested is very suitable.I’m trying to change the content of field.Have a nice day. :partying_face:

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I have tried not to change the review data. I’m converting text in image recognition. Good luck today. :smiley_cat:

That is usually a reference to Anki-without-any-add-ons.


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