Edit image occlusion cloze

anki snip

I want to delete the image occclusion cloze c6 with zero height and width without loosing the review data on the other cards
Is it possible ?

As there is no corresponding mask associated with c6, I’m not able to delete it

No simple way, but try this:

  1. Select the card in the browser.
  2. Open the debug console from the main window while keeping the browser open.
  3. Run the following code and copy the output cloze text:
note = bcard().note()
  1. Manually edit the copied text and remove c6.
  2. Run this code after modifying it to use your edited text:
note = bcard().note()
note['Occlusion'] = '''YOUR CLOZE TEXT HERE'''

Thank you!!!
works like a charm:)

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