How to style the template on Cloze deletion notes so that non-hidden clozes appear underlined

Hi folks -
I’ve discovered that on cloze deletion notes with multiple cards (i.e., {{c1:: }} and {{c2:: }}, etc) it helps me learn the non-hidden cloze if the non-hidden cloze is underlined when the answer for the hidden cloze appears. In other words, on a card with two different clozes {{c1:: }} and {{c2:: }}, I’m better able to learn the {{c2:: }} cloze when the answer for the {{c1:: }} cloze is revealed if the {{c2:: }} is underlined (b/c it enables me to make a mental note of what the other cloze on that card is).
I am trying to create a template so that when I press space bar for the answer to the cloze to appear, not only does the previously hidden cloze appear in bolded blue font, but the other cloze that is not hidden is underlined as well. It would be totally fine by me - in fact I’d probably prefer it - if the non-hidden cloze appears as underlined both when card first appears and the other cloze is hidden as well as when the answer to the hidden cloze is revealed.

I have tried to add:
{ text-decoration: underline; } to the .cloze on the styling portion of the card and that adds an underline to the hidden cloze when the answer appears but NOT to the non-hidden cloze.
Additionally, I have also tried adding:


to both the front template and the back template but that underlines everything in the card.

I have made the non-hidden cloze appear underlined in the past by underlining both clozes on each card, but that takes a long time to do it on every card and I’m trying to figure out how to avoid this step by making it a default.

I hope that makes sense. Also, FWIW, I have zero background in coding and considered it a victory just figuring out that I needed to add to text decoration: underline to make anything appear as underlined at all.

Any help on how to do this would be MUCH appreciated!

Support for styling inactive clozes with .cloze-inactive was added by @TRIAEIOU recently, and there’s a decent change it will make it into 2.1.56.

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