How to shuffle fields in Card editor? [JavaScript]

Dear good people,
I’m new to Anki. I have more than 500 cards in this format. I have divided into these fields to work in Add-ons but unfortunately Add-ons stopped working. I’m trying to shuffle fields (for multiple choices) in front side of the card. To do this, I have tried HTML, learned the basics of JavaScript but could not figure it out. I have come to know about Fisher-Yates shuffle from different websites but wondering how to align with the fields.

Please give me idea to solve it.

Thanking you will not enough.


Sadly I don’t have the time right now to write a custom solution for you, but your use case could be solved by using the Closet engine.
It’s an addon that provides tons of JavaScript functionality without having to know how to code (e.g. creating multiple choice questions). Here you can see it in action. This is an old video. Today, you can easily switch between modes using a drop-down menu in the editor and insert commands using the default cloze-shortcut.

Mind you, getting it to work with your cards will take some effort, but in the end, you will have perfect shuffling, multiple choice support and clozes within non-cloze note types and cross-platform support.

Your notes could be converted into the right format by using a custom action with the Advanced Copy Fields addon.


I think you should consider the “Toxic Memory” affect →


Wow! I cannot thank you enough!! I’ve got the perfect one as expected. Thank you for being so generous. You made my day.

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