Random front field, switch between type:field and audio field

Hey all,
was wondering if it’s possible to have a front side where one could have two or more fields which randomly change on each occasion a note is shown. What I’m saying is having the system of Card->Notes embedded in a randomizing script which would make the card sometimes show me a:
Don’t know if this is possible
Thanks for your help!

In my opinion that is not what you need If you want to learn effectively. I recommend creating 3 separate cards instead of one card changing randomly.


If you still want it, you can try this addon: Insert Randomized Lists (multiple choice) - AnkiWeb
in combination with this technique: html - Display the only first item of a list - Stack Overflow

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Hope I’m correctly understanding, but wouln’t the simplest solution be to make another card type for the note. You would have one card type with {{Field}}, another with {{Auidio}} on the front. Anki will randomly show the cards.

Problem is I have 90k cards for mass immersion. Duplicating or triplicating this would and did, because I tested it, my anki very slow. I don’t have a very powerful pc so this is a problem…

You should check out the addon Closet, it has a function for shuffling content using some notation. Though it doesn’t shuffle entire fields well, just content inside fields. But I’m sure you could work something out by combining your three fields into one after wrapping the shuffling notation to the contents of each field using batch edit.

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