How to "Show Duplicates" on AnkiMobile?


when I add a duplicate card on Desktop, the input field is turned red and I get a “Show Duplicates” button.
On iOS (iPhone), the input field gets a red frame, but there is no “Show Duplicates” button…

What steps do I need to take in order to see the duplicate cards on iOS?

(Background: I like to tag unknown words with where I found them. If I find the same word multiple times before getting around to learning it, I’d like to add multiple tags. On Desktop, when I discover that I already entered the word some time earlier, I can simply edit the duplicate card and add the tag. On iOS, I need to actually add the card, then later search for duplicates and manually merge the card, which is a bit time-consuming if there are many of those words…)

I’m afraid there’s no simple way on AnkiMobile currently, as the browsing screen can’t be invoked from the editing screen. You could search for the text in the Browse screen, but it would mean copying&pasting, and exiting the add screen first.

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