How to see which questions i've got wrong many times?

Would be much appreciated. I know you cna use rated:1:3 to see questions you got right but what about ones where you were very wrong multiple times, so i can focus on this?


You can use the Lapses column in the browse screen to sort cards by the number of times you’ve forgotten them.

My lapses are all 0, I think because i havd weird intervals such that they are all in leanring phase. Any ideas?

If they are all still in learning, then in a way, you haven’t gotten them “wrong” any number of times yet (and you might have too many learning steps) (and you should figure out a way to start graduating some of your cards).

Try sorting on the “Reviews” column or searching for prop:reps (Searching - Anki Manual). That will tell you how many times you’ve seen them. More reps means more times that you’ve not advanced them through the steps or graduated them to Review. That’s probably close to what you’re looking for.

If you want to see the exact history of any given card – Card Info (Statistics - Anki Manual).

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