Count the correct answers when typing them

Hello everyone!

First of all, thank you all so much for being so engaged in this forum!

I am currently using Anki to help my nine-year-old son learn vocabulary. For this, I need a way to count his typed answers as right or wrong.

The option for him to rate the difficulty level of the vocabulary himself is rather difficult for him. Ideally, I would like to be able to disable this.

I am using Anki version 2.1.5.

I am very grateful for any help, as my son urgently needs to learn!

You may want to check if this add-on will be helpful: auto rate typed answer

Thank you! But I can not get this one to work…

I downloaded it, but I do not see where the results are displayed. I am expecting something like: 9 times correct, 2 times incorrect.

Am I missing something?

Btw, I downgraded to 2.1.49 to try a different version. I am really lost. Thanks for your time!!!

I am expecting something like: 9 times correct, 2 times incorrect.

Why are you expecting that? In the add-on description is only said, that it makes auto-grading. Nothing is said about providing additional statistics.

Man, you are so right!!!

The problem is, that I need some kind of goal in order to motivate my child. Time is not motivation, since he can perfectly well just sit in front of the computer for 20 minutes, Or type BS into the system.

So I thought about having the goal of having 10 correct answers.

What do you think, and do you know any way to find out about the correct answers of each session?

Again, thanks, I really didn’t see that one!

If you want your son to do for example 20 cards you can use the following settings:
Deck settings:

  • Reviews limit: 20
  • Learning steps: 10m
  • Relearning steps: 10m

Global preferences:

  • Learn ahead limit: 15 mins

By setting this Anki will provide 20 cards. The correct ones will be scheduled for the next days, while Anki will cycle through incorrect ones until they will get correct answer. After doing all batch correctly there will be even congratulations screen.

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Dear szalejot

Thank you so much for your insides. I feel like I am now almost there. As there are a lot of settings, let me write them all down:

Daily Limits
New cards/day: 20
Maximum reviews/day: 20
(Note: If adding 20 new cards each day, your review limit should be at least 200.)

New Cards
Learning steps: 10m
Graduating interval: 1
Easy interval: 4
Insertion order: Sequential (oldest cards first)

Relearning steps: 10m
Minimum interval: 1
Leech threshold: 20
Leech action: Tag Only

Display Order
New card gather order: Deck
New card sort order: Card template, then ascending position
New/review order: Mix with reviews
Interday learning/review order: Mix with reviews
Review sort order: Due date, then random

Maximum answer seconds: 60
Show answer timer: [On]

Learn ahead limit: 15 min

Timebox time limit: 0 min

The result is very promissing! At the end I (I tested it with one deck) receive the
congratulation message.

But this last message is the following:

Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.

The next learning card will be ready in ⁨⁨1⁩ minute⁩. There are ⁨5⁩ learning cards due later today.

There are more new cards available, but the daily limit has been reached. You can increase the limit in the options, but please bear in mind that the more new cards you introduce, the higher your short-term review workload will become.

If you wish to study outside of the regular schedule, you can use the ⁨[custom study](javascript:bridgeCommand(‘customStudy’))⁩ feature.

After a few minutes I can do another test.

My question:
How can I change the settings, so that ones my son has done the 20 vocabularies, he is done for the day, without a “suggestion” to do some more?

Thank you so much for taking the time!

Anki will introduce 20 cards, and studying will stop when all of those cards have been remembered correctly (not answered with the Again button). You can increase the learn ahead limit back to 20 minutes if you don’t want to have to wait for the cards to become available to study again.

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