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Dear Anki People,
I’m a long time user of Memrise who just moved to Anki. One feature I really liked in Memrise was that answers were automatically marked as correct once I typed out the correct answer (without me having to hit ‘enter’ every time), and then it automatically moved to the next question. Is it possible to replicate this in Anki (for example with an add-on or by modifying the card type)?


Maybe this can help you?

And/or maybe this?

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Yes, this can be done with a little bit of JavaScript.

On Anki desktop, you can use commands pycmd('ease1') to pycmd('ease4') to give marks from Again to Easy. The card linked above has an example of a script parsing the answer page and automatically grading the correct and incorrect answers Good and Again respectively.

On my personal cards, I also use a timer to grade them Hard or Easy depending on how long they take to answer. If you are interested, I can help you adjusting your card templates accordingly.

I also prefer combining card rating scripts with the Additional Card Fields addon, which enables access to card state variables and grading them accordingly. For example, I disable Easy auto-grading for New and Relearning cards, because it immediately removes them from the learning sequence. This is something that can’t be done with the auto rate typed answer addon.

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