Correct Answers Graph (Support thread)

This is the support thread for Correct Answers Graph.

This add-on adds a graph showing the percentage of correct answers to the statistics window. By hovering the mouse over the graph, statistics for that point in time are shown.

Hello, my friend. I saw your anki addon and I wonder if you could give me some guidance on how to build one myself. Maybe you could send me your discord or an email so we can talk better? Thanks a lot.

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Hello, love your addon and I have a small bug-like inconvenience to report.

Rescheduling cards (instead of rating the answer) seems to be counted as wrong answers right now.
I often use Ctrl+Sift+D and reschedule a card with 0 to have it pop up again when I made a careless mistake and think that I should know better.
Today I noticed that those are being counted as wrong answers in the graph.

Screenshot 2022-03-09 091446

Here is my situation from today. I had 8 mature cards. But I did some repeats with rescheduling, so in total I had 11 views of those mature cards. The ’ True Retention by Card Maturity’ addon counts them the right way, 8/8 (100%) while still displaying the 11 at the top.
The correct answers graph however displays them as 8/11 (72.7%).

I think it would be better if they were not counted at all. Rescheduling is not the same as rating a card wrong. Plus is would be nice if the numbers were consistent with the other addon.

Thank you for the detailed bug report!

I released a new version that ignores manually rescheduled cards. If there are any issues, please let me know.

I wonder if there are users who liked the old behavior. It was definitely an oversight, but it might make sense for some cases.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the very quick fix!

I agree, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong here with how to interpret this part of the data. However, I think it does make the most sense to not count the reschedules as correct or incorrect at all since they were never rated.
You could of course introduce another, completely new bar color to your graph for them if you wanted to.