How to review randomly in the master set

You can see that I have a master set called “A” and two subsets (“A.a” and “A.b” under “A”.)

Now I set options for “A” where I choose “Random” for “Insertion order”. I would like to review randomly in the master set “A” which means cards in both “A.a” and “A.b” will appear randomly. However, I found that cards in “A.a” appeared randomly before cards in “A.b” appeared randomly. How can I make a mix of cards from “A.a” and “A.b” appear randomly?

Insertion order
Controls the position (due #) new cards are assigned when you add new cards. Cards with a lower due number will be shown first when studying. Changing this option will automatically update the existing position of new cards.

Enable V3 scheduler to get access to display order
Tools -> Preferences -> Review

Enable V3 scheduler in android

Additional deck options have been added to control the order new cards and reviews are presented in. New cards can be mixed from multiple decks, and reviews can optionally be ordered by interval or subdeck.

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Thank you very much! And if I would like to use V3 scheduler in android, do I have to download alpha version?

Yes, alpha version support v3

Thank you!

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