How to randomize the order of cards in collection?

I have a deck called HSK which has three subdecks - HSK 1, 2, and 3.

I’d like to learn and review cards from these decks in a random order - some cards from HSK 1, some from HSK 3, etc.

However, when I practice HSK, it seems to be going through the decks in order (despite the fact that HSK 3 is much bigger than HSK 1). Roughly 90% of the cards were devoted to HSK 1 when I started, and now that I’ve finished that deck about 70% of the cards are devoted to HSK 2 (see the image below).

However, my goal is to take cards from all three subdecks equally when practicing the main deck.

I have set the order to be random (see image below), however, this hasn’t worked (it’s been ‘random’ for the past three days).


How can I have the cards in subdecks be presented randomly?

See my answer here.
Besides, there’s an add-on that randomises the new queue (Hoochie something, I believe). However, true randomness, including your mobile devices, can only be accomplished with a unified deck.

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I’m looking into Hoochie, as your solution isn’t ideal as it would still be a set number of cards from each subdeck instead of randomness. Thank you for sharing.

That’s true, but, as I suggested in the other thread, the underlying problem is having separate decks for content that is supposed to be studied conjointly. That’s not the intended use of Anki decks.