How to query nested decks independently?

I use a deck as category and have nested decks inside it, but when i query one nested deck and finish it for the day, then i can’t query the other nested deck of the same major deck (category).

Example, when i add a new note to an existing deck, then it can have the deck name:
or, if the note belongs to the other nested deck:

Thus my deck category is called “programming” and my nested decks “cpp” and “rust”

  |- cpp
  |- rust

When i want to learn, i want to learn these nested decks independently from the other nested deck.
But when i finish one nested deck, i can’t learn the other nested deck because ANKI doesn’t allow me to do so. When i try to learn the other deck, It says:

“Congratulations, you have finished the deck for now”.

Which means, when i have finished the cpp deck, i can’t learn the rust deck.

Is there an option in ANKI that allows the user to learn nested subdecks independently from each other?
Or do i really need to get rid of my category “programming” and put every independent deck in the root directory?

Is this the only option?


It would result in a mess, because let’s say i have another category called music, then it would look like this:


That’s not what i want, i would prefer to have subdecks that can be learned independently from each other:

  |- classic
  |- pop
  |- cpp
  |- rust

How can i learn the nested subdecks of the same category independently from each other?

If you click directly on the subdecks (cpp and rust) and not in the main deck (programming), you should be able to study each subdeck independently from each other.

That’s the problem, it’s not possible. When i have learned one of the two decks off the main deck (programming) at the same day, then Anki doesn’t allow me to learn the other subdeck.
When i try to do so, i get the message:

“Congratulations, you have finished the deck for now”.

Strange, that’s not normal behavior. If you use add-ons, have you tried to deactivate them?

Have you tried increasing the main deck’s maximum number of daily reviews and/or new cards per day?

What are your presets for the decks? (Deck Options - first row (Nameofpreset (is used by X decks)?
Do they use the same preset or are these different? Of scenario I can think of is that the subdecks’ presets are clashing with the main deck’s preset somehow (number of new cards-wise).

Increasing the main deck’s maximum number wasn’t enough.
But i solved it by giving every subdeck its own group name and increasing the maximum number of the main deck.

Thanks to all for your help.