How to prioritize new cards from one child deck?

Suppose I have a parent deck (P) with 2 children (A, B). I want to study 20 new cards per day total. Child deck A has thousands of cards and will take years. Child deck B has very few cards and I just add a few new ones per day. I would like the parent deck to pull new cards exclusively from B until it runs out, and then fill the remainder of the 20 cards per day from A. What’s the simplest way to configure this? Seems simple but I’ve had trouble figuring out a good setup. For those who are curious this is essentially my language learning setup - a large static deck of 10k Chinese characters plus a smaller evolving deck of “key phrases from daily life I want to prioritize.” Thanks, all!

I would change the order of the decks (just rename them and add 1 to the one you want on top and 2 to the one you want under it, for example).

Then go to the parent deck options and select Deck in the New card gather order option in the Display Order section. This will gather cards starting from the top child deck.


Simple quick setup, works perfectly!

If you think you’ll have more than 9 decks in the future, I’d recommend using 01, 02, etc, so the order is correct.

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