How to make each deck have its own deck preset automatically

I want to clone settings of a single deck and apply it to all decks, but with each deck having its own preset

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Automatically it is not possible atm

it is a good feature to have as FSRS grows in popularity, not sure how it would be implemented natively, but can see an add-on for this

currently you can:
Clone preset of a deck
Change deck preset to this cloned (rename to avoid confusion)


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Ah I see. This is really a pain in the a*se for me because I don’t want all presets to have the same settings yet sometimes I do want all presets to have the same specific adjustments (e. g. learning steps) :confused:

Perhaps this could be implemented in the next update like the option of optimizing all presets was.

One might wonder what the point is of cloning the preset if you are going to change the settings for each particular deck? Before there were this-deck limits, there was a reason, but now? :person_shrugging:t4:

Why not just create a new “Default” preset that has most of the settings you will want? If you’re going to change the rest immediately, there’s no sense in cloning them first for each preset you’re creating.

With each one of my decks and subdecks having its own preset, it allows me to optimise all of their parameters independently from each other without interfering with one another.

But at the same there are certain settings that I would like to be same for all presets (and ALSO be able to be changed later on, if you read my reply to NamelessGo) like learning steps.

With me having about a over a hundred decks and subdecks, this would be very painful. So why go through all the trouble for this?

One of my decks contain about 7000 cards. I had a feeling FSRS did not really estimate my knowledge of the cards accurately enough. It only set about 300-400 cards due per day. Once I separated the subdecks apart in terms of their presets, my due cards suddenly became 4500 of them, which is exactly what I thought.

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