Adjust parameters based on subdecks

Hi not sure if someone already suggested this, but an option to have different parameters based on subdecks instead of presets would be useful.

Im using the same default preset for all my decks and i do not want to create a new preset for each deck.


Yes that has been suggested before.

Any particular reason for not wanting to create multiple presets [aside from too many making the list messy]? You can just copy your current presets and just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s an option for optimising all presets at once.

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I was wondering something slightly different – if I may ask?

Any particular reason for wanting all of your subdecks optimized differently? Is the material significantly different in difficulty subdeck-to-subdeck?

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Hi Danika, i use anki mostly to learn languages. I have the same default preset for all of them one deck for each language. Some languages are easier since they are more similar to languages i already know and i use good and easy buttons way more frequently than on languages that are completely new. Thats why i would like to have individualized parameters for each languague without needing to create basically the same preset (except the parameters). That way i can just customize my only default preset and it affects all of my decks.


Seems like you’ve thought it through well.
Thanks for indulging my curiosity! :pray:t4:

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I saw a partial solution in one program. There were also “groups” that looked like “decks”, you could apply “operations” to them that looked like “Preset”. In the “operations” there was a special section called “relationship” where for each setting you could choose from where to inherit this setting. I’ll show you how it would look using the example of anki.

You have Preset 1, Preset 2, Preset 3. You specify that Preset 2 and Preset3 take all settings from Preset1 except the weights for FSRS. *You can now change the settings for several presets in one place (Preset 1) but at the same time have different weights for FSRS.


Dang this is a good idea. If this is ever implemented I won’t have to change my settings for every single preset one by one. I for example have recently switched over to “Relative Overdueness” in Review Order. I tried to change the settings for every preset I have but missed some of them. In my case it would have been useful to set this “relationship” thing you talked about for most of my presets share basically the same settings.

Do we not already have this “Global” thing in Deck Options? Even this can be repurposed imo to act like “relationship” if users are allowed to set settings as Global by themselves.

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