Different Custom Scheduling for different presets

Right now the Custom Scheduling JS affects all decks. This makes it very inconvenient when you have different decks which require different scheduling.

For example, what if I wanted to increase the ease factor when you press ‘good’ on one deck by 1.x%, and another by 1.y%? On a deck such as a musical notes deck you would want a lower ease factor whereas a hanzi deck you would probably want a higher ease factor.

The same Custom Scheduling for all of the decks could cause problems for decks with different speeds. You could work around this by using different user profiles, but that’s not a very nice solution.

Are there any plans to separate the Custom Scheduling? Separation into presets like all the other options would be very nice.


The code runs after the front of the card has been shown, so if you coordinate with the card template, you could accomplish this already.

True, I haven’t thought about that, but incorporating it into presets would still be a better solution.

It’s a lot faster to just be able to switch presets than have to edit the card template for each deck. Plus, the code will be a lot more organized; rather than a big block with many if statements you can get right to the point and see what actually applies to the preset you are looking at.

Though, with the point you just made this has probably been knocked to the bottom of the priority list haha.