[Feature Request] Set Anki custom scheduling per deck/option

Recently, I implemented an Anki custom scheduling and released it on GitHub. Some users found that the parameters of the scheduler, which are generated by the optimizer from the decks’ review logs, varied in different decks. It may be due to the difference in difficulty on each deck.

The current Anki custom scheduling affects the entire collection. Could it be set per deck/option? It is reasonable to use different parameters of the scheduler for different decks. By the way, the advanced parameters of Anki’s built-in scheduler can be set per option. So I believe it is possible to be implemented on the custom scheduling, too.


It’s only possible to provide a single block of code, but you can make it behave differently depending on the deck using a bit of a hack: if you add <div id=deck>{{Deck}}</div> to the card template, your custom scheduling code can extract the deck name from the DOM, and vary its behaviour as necessary.


I think it’s a bit counterintuitive that custom scheduling is set in the deck options. When I first used it, I also expected it to only affect the current deck.

Maybe the scheduling tab in the Preferences screen is a more fitting location - if there are no plans to support per-deck scripts in the future.


True, but the tooltip does document this, and having it on that screen means that when people complain of scheduling issues and include a screenshot of their deck options, it’s obvious when they’re not using the default behaviour.

Is it a viable workaround to put each deck into a designated profile? I’ve noticed that enabling the v3 scheduler for one profile doesn’t affect other profiles. Accordingly, you can also have different custom scheduling code in different profiles.

One disadvantage of this is that the browser only searches within one profil.

That was exactly what I did. I have dedicated profile for each deck, but still, the “custom scheduling” is being shared between all the profiles.