How to make Anki all sync media files

Hi. When I sync from my phone to Windows PC or vice versa, there’s usually some media files that don’t get taken over for some reason. After it fails, is there some way to make it try again to get the missing files? When I click “sync” again it just thinks there’s nothing wrong, even though there are 1000+ files missing from “tools–>check media”.

I also already looked in C:\Users[myname]\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User 1[](htts:// and can see and play some of the files in there, but then a bunch are missing when I search for the file name that shows on the the Anki notes.

I force synced one-way from my Android phone to ankiweb and then downloaded on PC from ankiweb, but still the are missing on PC, despite being there on the Android phone

In the end I “fixed” it, but I had to delete the deck and then redownload it from shared decks. Is that actually the only way? All the deleting and resyncing like 5 times took me about two hours in total. Next time media doesn’t sync properly, what should I do?

On Android, I found that increasing the screen timeout to prevent the screen from turning off during syncing helps.

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