Strange sync behaviour - downloads media every time

Since 2 days my AnkiDroid displays a strange syncing behaviour: Every time when I promt it to sync, it does so for a lengthy time, always downloading 200 or 300 media and a few hundred MB. When it is down I make it sync again and the process repeats.

I don’t have this issue on Desktop.

Thanks for your help!

It is probably because the media synchronization wasn’t completed yet at the end of the last sync.
The process can take a very long time, multiple hours even, especially if there a lot of media to be downloaded to AnkiDroid.

In this reddit post one of AnkiDroid Maintainers suggests that

You may want to sync overnight until the media sync completes

You can temporarily disable media synchronization by going to AnkiDroid settings > General settings, then toggle ‘Fetch media on sync’

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I find it’s caused by the screen timing out for me:


The problem resolved spontaneously before I could try any of your suggestions. Maybe it didn’t fully sync and after 20 tries it finally got all the data.

I’m still wondering though, does it display that the sync was successful if a timed out screen causes it to stop?