How to make a user have to type custom text

I have a word, {Word} and I want to make a text field that requires you to input {Word}s. So if {Word} is “apple” I want the user to have to type “apples”.

{{type:Word}} makes the user type “apple” but I want to make it so they have to type “apples”
{{type:Word + “s”}} doesn’t work :frowning: is there any way to do this?

The reason I am doing this is because I want it to show the letters I missed and didn’t miss when it comes to conjugating different verbs that have different endings, I have code to detect what the ending is supposed to be, just don’t know how to put the string into the type field.

Make two fields word and plural, display the first and let the user enter the second.

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In many languages, such an approach would not work, as for example story becomes stories, not storys. You may need to type in the full plural word into another field to be safe.

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