How to increase limit of daily cards?

“Increase today’s new card limit” and “Increase today’s review card limit” not working.

There are no available be cards in that deck, that’s why you can’t increase the limit.

Are there subdecks within that deck?

Why are no there available cards?
There is no subdecks.

Sorry, it was a typo. As you can see on the second screenshot, there are no available NEW cards on that deck, that’s why you can’t increase the new card limit for that deck.

I want to continue study with old cards. How to do it? How to increase number of interval repetitions?

First of all, if you don’t have much experience with the program, I would recommend you to take some time to read this article:

Answering to your first question, you can use filtered decks to continue your study:

What do you mean exactly with “interval repetitions”?


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