How to include both "learning" and "due" in custom study

For instance, my deck now shows “3 5 100”, which means 3 new cards, 5 learning or relearning, and 100 due.

Among these, the 5 should probably be studied first, because they’re in the state of “will soon be forgotten”.

I want to create a Custom Study of 20 cards by first gather all of the 5, then fill the rest 15 from “due”. Is it possible?

There isn’t a way to prioritize learning cards, but you can use the second filter in a filtered deck to search for learning and due separately.

Thanks! I tried to create a deck without using the second filter, but instead used a query deck:foo (is:learn OR is:review), and set order to “increasing intervals”, and it worked - it always gather all the learning cards, then due cards.

Happy cake day btw! Surprised to see your account is only 3 years old.

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This forum is only three years old :slight_smile:

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