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How to implement the "Gold-List-algorithm" in Anki?

Hi there,

so I have used the Gold-List-Method and had some good experience with it. Everyone, who is familiar with this method, you know that you would use ordinary writing notebooks. I would like to change from these notebooks to Anki, because things like the inclusion of audio files in your cards, seem very helpful to me. I am a person who prefers listening, instead of just reading.

My question now would be, how to implement the “Gold List algorithm” in Anki? For those who are not familiar with the Gold List method:

You “distill” words out the following way:

  • You write down ~20 new words/phrases a day

First distillation:

  • After 14 days you check what you still remember (recall rate is usually ~ 30% = Out of 20 words you would remember about 6).
  • You write down the forgotten 70% again (the 14 words you forgot within the first distilation).

Second distillation:

  • After 14 days you look again what you remember from the first distilation (recall rate again ~ 30% = From 14 words you have learned about 4)
  • Write down the forgotten 70% again (the 10 words you forgot during the second distillation).

etc… etc…

So in short: You test yourself in a two-week-cycle, which words you remember and write down the forgotten ones again, while you remember about 30% of the words each time.

Does anyone know how to implement this in the Anki-settings? I’m not very good at these kind of things.