This guy can make a new algorithm for Anki

This guy posted this article on reddit. I am reposting this.

Proposal here. (Please read this proposal!)

Basically, Anki’s 33-year oldspaced repetition algorithm requires the user to tweak several opaque settings to indirectly set their desired retention rate.

I propose adding a new spaced retention algorithm to Anki that allows the user to directly set the retention rate and leave all optimisation to Anki. This algorithm is is fully backward-compatible, cross-platform compatible, and already exists as several plugins, so adding it to Anki only requires minimal effort.

The algorithm can live alongside the current one as an easily enabled/disabled alternative.

Those who are interesting in contributing can PM me and request permission to comment on the doc.

I think Anki’s algorithm is long due for an update :slight_smile: And kudos to eshapard for developing the algorithm, and others for turning it into Anki 2.1 plugins.

(EDIT: As a dev myself, I am happy to help make this happen on Desktop and Android. No iOS experience unfortunately. This post is to gather feedback first before proceeding with any next steps.)

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