How can i practice a deck freely? (beginner, learning Greek)

hi guys! first post here, please be gentle :slight_smile:

I dont really understand the concept of learning with Anki.

Ive created a bunch of decks, with about a 200 cards, including mnemomics.

I have to practice a card at least 30 times before i can remember it, its just the way it is. Sometimes cards stick a little earlier, when the words sound like english or dutch, but most of the times its just a bunch of sounds i have to remember.

For example: “φτάνει” which means “he/she/it arrives” and sounds a bit like “fta-nie”.

How can I practice this card as much as a want without it beeing “deleted” from the practice sessions. I think the term is “burried”?
If i press “again” too many times the card get deleted?

Ive read the manual but the actual learning part i dont understand.

I have to studie/learn at least 50 new vocab + conjugations + grammar each week, and i dont know how to learn it, maybe im doing something completely wrong here.
I know im not crazy, i learn new shortkeys and information about my music production programs every day, so its not my brain isnt working…i just cant remember new words haha

please help :slight_smile:

Anki, and other SRS based software works differently to how you may be used to study:

“In SuperMemo’s spaced repetition system, every time you answer a question, you tell the program how well you were able to remember it — whether you forgot completely, made a small mistake, remembered with trouble, remembered easily, etc. The program uses this feedback to decide the optimal time to show you the question again. Since a memory gets stronger each time you successfully recall it, the time between reviews gets bigger and bigger — so you may see a question for the first time, then 3 days later, 15 days later, 45 days later, and so on.”

I strongly recommend taking your time to get familiarized with how SRS works before using the program. However,

  1. By using filtered decks: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual
  2. No.

thanks! im using the filtered deck thing!