How to hide the menu bar in Browse?

I would like to hide the menu bar (File, Edit, View, Tools, Help…) if it’s already shown and show it if it’s already hidden, with a same keyboard shortcut.
In other word I want to toggle between hide and show the menu bar with a same hotkey, and

when closing the program and opening it again, The menu bar in the Browse doesn’t reappears as it was in its default state(shown). (I want it hidden by default) So that every time I open the program the menu bar is hidden always, And when I want to display it, press the keyboard shortcut.
Thanks for help.

  • Is there any Add-on to do that?
    Please help! I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks in advance.

Try this:

def hide_menubar(browser: Browser):

Later you can expand this idea and add the desired keyboard shortcuts.

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