How to hide menu bar Anki?

I would like to hide the menu bar (File, Edit, View, Tools, Help…) if it’s already shown and show it if it’s already hidden, with a same keyboard shortcut.
In other word I want to toggle between hide and show the menu bar.

  • Is there any Add-on to do that?
    Please help! I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks in advance.


Here’s a simple add-on I just wrote to do that: Hide Menu Bar - AnkiWeb


Yes, It works well, But when closing the program and opening it again, The menu bar reappears as it was in its default state(shown).

Can you make the menu bar hidden by default?

So that every time I open the program the menu bar is hidden always, And when I want to display it, press the keyboard shortcut.
Thanks for help.

Add-on updated.


It works well, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.
Could you do the same process for the bar at the bottom of the menu bar (Decks, Add, Browse …) and the bar at the bottom (Get Shared, Create Deck, Import File) ? Because I deal with these options using keyboard shortcuts and I want to hide them to gain more space.

Will add that to the todo list.

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I didn’t understand you.

I mean I took a note of your request, and will look into it when I have free time (will take months at least).

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Ok, Thanks! :blush:

It would also be better to apply the same process to the menu bar of the Browse.

I’ve found a problem with the Add-on :
When the menu bar hidden, All keyboard shortcuts in the menu bar stop working,
And when showing it, they are work.
We hope that you will update the add-on by making the keyboard shortcuts work even if the menu bar is hidden (when you have a free time).

If you want this sooner rather than later, it may help to offer Abdo some money:

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