How to get the deck directory

There is such a link on the official documentation,


let PASTEBOARD_TYPE = “net.ankimobile.json”
if let data = PASTEBOARD_TYPE) {
// clear clipboard
UIPasteboard.general.setData(Data(), forPasteboardType: PASTEBOARD_TYPE)
// … handle json

I can get the deck directory information, but I can’t get it in the shortcut on iOS, how do I use it?

The action is intended for use in other apps on the app store. Because it places the text in a custom pasteboard type, it is not possible to extract the text from the Shortcuts app.

What program can I use to retrieve data? I wrote a Python script using Pythonista 3 to monitor the clipboard, but I am also unable to retrieve data.

Sorry, I have no experience with Pythonista. The feature was designed to be used with Swift/Objective C, which means you’ll need an iOS development environment set up.

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