Techno-illiterate, how to get a deck?

Hi all! I have an iPad Pro and the paid AnkiMobile app. I read the instructions but all the instructions seem to assume you’re using a PC. I can’t find any specific instructions on how the mobile app works.

I created an account and downloaded a shared deck I’d like to study. The deck appears in “downloads” folder. I tried “synch” option but it’s not showing up in the Anki app. How do I put the cards in the app?

I’m so sorry for this incredibly dumb question. There must be something really basic that I’m missing.

Please see

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Thanks! There wasn’t an “Open in Anki” button, but a tiny arrow did pop up in the taskbar, which I had missed before. I guess this shows the difference between reading the instructions and understanding the instructions. :slight_smile: