Feature request: Support for Siri Shortcuts (and deck offloading)

I have recently bought the iOS app and was hoping this would work out of the box, but anyway support for Siri Shortcuts would be great so that people could easily add new words they learn throughout the day to a deck.

Another feature that would be nice is offloading of decks? For those with low free space this could allow for only the active / essential decks to be saved locally.

Thank you for the hard work on this app!

You can use the Shortcuts app to add content to AnkiMobile: https://docs.ankimobile.net/#/more?id=url-schemes

If you have a large deck that you don’t want stored on AnkiMobile, you can export it in the computer version, then import it into a separate profile that you don’t sync with AnkiWeb. After you’ve confirmed it’s imported correctly, it can be deleted from your original profile.