How to fix this prolem Keyerror ID

Hi everyone,
I had this problem when i used my anki desktop. Look like from addon moviestoanki. How can i fix that?
Thank you so much!

The add-on can’t function properly without the Id field.

A simple fix is to delete existing note type (without the “Id” field) and all the cards and use the add-on to generate the same deck of cards again (and create a new note type with the “Id” field).

Otherwise, it might be possible to restore the Id field by manually adding the “Id” field to the note type, using Advanced Copy Fields - AnkiWeb to copy the content of the Audio field (or the Video field, or the Audio Sound field if it exists) to the Id field, and using Notes > “Find and Replace” from the browser to make sure that the Id field contains only the filename without extension.

If the note type contains the Audio Sound field and it’s not empty, i.e. Tools > Generate Mobile Cards was used, the note type can be renamed from movies2anki to something else, the add-on will no longer work for these cards but the cards could be reviewed without triggering this error.


Hi Kelciour,
Thank you so much! I fixed this problem.
Your addon is awesome. I love it.
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