Fatal Error while updating deck

Trying to update to the latest AnKing deck but keep getting this error. Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks in advance!!

@jjay this looks like a bug in the add-on

@hengiesel the add-on appears to be passing a note id to models.change() that doesn’t exist in the destination collection. Anki should handle this more gracefully, but the add-on will still need fixing

Yeah, I tried disabling all other add ons, deleting and re-downloading the special fields add on, re-downloading the v10 deck, etc. No luck.

So my best bet is to just wait until I see the special fields add on is updated?

You may be able to work around it for now by downgrading to 2.1.44, importing, and then upgrading again.


Ahh that worked! Thank you so much!!!

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