How to fix text wrapping

Ever since I created my own deck, the words on my card are cutting off and not just wrapping over to the next line. I tried using word-wrap: break-word; and overflow-wrap: break-word; in my Styling under cards but the problem persisted. I am using the cloze card types and can’t figure out how to fix. The words on my cards also adjust as I move the screen but don’t for my other decks ? I have tried everything and don’t know what to do.

It must be something in your templates or the text in the fields of your note. Can you post those here (in a code block please) – front, back, and styling – along with the HTML view of this note’s field(s)? Then someone might be able to help.

This behaviour seems like what the css word-break: break-word; (note: not word-wrap!) does so I suspect that’s being set somewhere in your styling. If it’s there, changing it to word-break: normal; should fix this.