How to fix 10013 Network Error when downloading Addons for Anki (speed focus / image occlusion)

Take the following URL:

https:// ankiweb. net/shared/download/ [insert Download code HERE]?v=2.1&p=231001

Go to the Addon page and find the addon that you want
Take the Addon Download Code
Place it in the string (remove the as well and remove spaces) should look something like…


put the full URL in the browser, click enter and the file will prompt to download…

why this is not an option already I have no idea…

Save the file.

Go back to Add-ons in Anki…

Select Install from file

and you are done…

restart Anki and check to see if the addon is working.

Are you suggesting adding a download button for add-ons in the site?

Most users don’t get the error you’re getting. It’s likely caused by antivirus/firewall/filtering software on your machine.

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